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I actually Googled Lauras House to give them a hit review and saw this one...I just got back from Lauras House, I have taken my family members there on special occasions for years and I have never had a bad experience, the owners are great, the service has always been out of this world, and my husband has admitted to others, that both their meatloaf and their fried chicken is better than mine. The only thing I could possibly think of is that they had recently lost a few staff and maybe thats why this other fella was so upset.

Or maybe he is not used to the kind of Southern charm and personal touch that the owners show all guests. Anywhoo, I am 23 and have no money to invest in anything. so I know I am not getting any kind of special treatment. I tell ya what...if you want GREAT FOOD at extremly reasonable prices in Chimney Rock go to Lauras House.

Sit upstairs, look at the scenery and enjoy the food and atmosphere.

This is much more enjoyable without a huge corn cob up your butt as the previous person that posted a comment has so thoroughy demonstrated.

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I really appreciate this article. I'm the grand-daughter of Barry Gurley, the owner, and a current employee.

I'll be sure to tell him all about this. It will be sure to put a smile on his face :)

You are right about loosing staff, that has been a big problem lately but it has been completely resolved

Thanks again :)

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